Tuesday, December 20, 2016

How God Used Ninja Warrior in My Life

This past year I had the wonderful opportunity of sharing my story "How God Used Ninja Warrior in My Life." If you would like to read it and see the pictures, here are the links :-)

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fun Photos from Paris, France - June 2016

 Day 1 at our house
 Orientation Meeting

 My first (and probably last) falafel. Taste was OK, but too messy.
 Soccer fans taking advantage of air from the Metro.
 Wonderful gelato!
 Luxembourg Gardens

 Trinity Church in Paris http://trinityparis.com/
 Tony Roos

 And I thought parking in Pittsburgh was challenging!
 Crepes! No more needs to be said :-)

 Jim and Bassette

 Lunch near Notre Dame

 Visited the Louvre

 This is the crowd I had to push through to get pictures of the Mona Lisa.
 French Conversation activity at Genesis http://www.genesisparis.fr/

 Cheese and good conversation.

 Our noble leaders: Jim and Jen
 Victor made the motorcycle shown above. I loved his metalwork.

 Supposedly the best water in the world. Evidently it didn't live up to the hype.
 Practicing Spanish

 Flatbread Pizza

 Cover shot

 Can't resist cat pictures. This cat lived in a pet store near Notre Dame.

 Boat ride on the Seine

 The waters were still high from the floods earlier in the month.

 We barely cleared the bridges - the water level was so high.

 One of the bridges where people leave locks. Mary left one for a friend.
 Gave a presentation about how God Used Ninja Warrior in my life to Catalyst.
 Hi Brigitte!
 Raclette and Fondue place - they couldn't believe we wanted it in June, but we said it was our only chance :-)

 Brigitte creates a "super-straw."
 Tired feet!
 BBQ Night

 The Cupcake Theft

 Do you think Jim was a little worn out? We had to actually wake him up at our stop!

 A holy ├ęclair!

 Jim and Adrian
 Ali and Rita
 Ali- refusing to smile

 Attempting to pull an Eduardo by stealing Anna's ice cream.
 Creative Night at Genesis

 Eduardo not cooperating.

 Eduardo finally cooperating!

 My friend Vanessa


 Connected interns
 Men about town
 Brigitte and Shelly

 Rebecca's artwork

 What an adventure!