Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Dinner with Shingo Yamamoto 7/18/12

 These were the three young people Yamamoto-san raced up the rope.
 Another fan.
 One of the coaches.
 A gift from Tiger.
 Tiger also gave him a mini-poster of his Sasuke pics and a picture of Shingo the Tiger.
 Yamamoto-san and I both had tempura.
 Carol and Reina shared this colorful box.
My gift to Yamamoto-san.

 His gift to me, autographed :-)
 Yamamoto-san is the only one allowed to wear the number 1 :-)

Fun with Carol and Family

 I created a new Pittsburgh Pirate fan!

Was really bad at throwing the ninja star.

Did better with the blow gun.  Upper right dart is my first shot :-)

This is shaved ice.  Flavor was a cross between cotton candy and bubblegum.
Rio finished his all on his own!
Thought this was interesting.  Carol said it was because tattoos in Japan are very closely associated with gangs.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photos from my visits to Miyazaki

 Makoto thanked me for bringing such a nice heavy suitcase.  Asami and I told him it was Sasuke training.
 Shopping for the barbecue.
 He liked the cars I brought him.
Makoto made this for the top of their wedding cake.  The figure on the rope is him and the one at the top is Asami encouraging him :-)

I brought them a platter from Wendell August Forge
This is their dog Riri (pronounced like Lily).  She is really sweet.

Dueling Drummers

This is where we went to dinner after attending a traditional Japanese dance performance.  Kaiou was immensely impressed by the performance and spent the next few days imitating the performance.  These videos are based on the drums which accompanied the performance.  I believe the 2nd video is where Kaiou is asking about how the drums went.
Notice the cute kimono outfit Kaiou is wearing.  I loved it.