Monday, February 2, 2009

An Afghan for Joey


Some Kinda Wonderful said...

That's very beautiful Pitts. I love it. The colors are very similar to an afgan that my mother made for me when I was in jr. high school. Remind me and I'll take it out and make a picture of it to show you. It's very very beautiful. One of my most prized possessions, as I'm sure you'rs will be to Joey. Thanks for sharing.

Pittsburgher said...

Thanks! I would love to see the afghan your mother made for you. Please let me know when you post it :-)
I was teasing my niece when I gave her the afghan. She and her siblings had a favorite blankie and each blankie had a favorite corner. I told her I made Joey a blanket with 12 favorite corners.

chaki said...

LOVE YOUR QUILTS! The animal movements are so adorable.

Actually I'm writing to congratulate you on the SuperBowl!!!!

Watched it in Japanese where they explained everything from what a "pocket" is to what "wide open" means.

I thought about you waving your terrible towel with friends!!

Pittsburgher said...

Thanks! I love designing and making the quilts. Wish I had more time for it :-)

Ah yes, what a Super Bowl! Glad you got the chance to watch it. That's so funny about the announcer having to explain everything- must have been talking a mile a minute. Don't remember so many highs and lows in one game before. One minute we're in deep despair and the next minute ecstatic joy. How great that the two best plays were at halftime with James Harrison's pick 6 and to win the game with Santonio Holmes "toe"down. OK, I'll stop now. We're still flying high in the 'burgh!

They have pictures of the victory parade on My favorite is of Troy Polamalu (with the hair) body surfing the crowd