Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photos from my visits to Miyazaki

 Makoto thanked me for bringing such a nice heavy suitcase.  Asami and I told him it was Sasuke training.
 Shopping for the barbecue.
 He liked the cars I brought him.
Makoto made this for the top of their wedding cake.  The figure on the rope is him and the one at the top is Asami encouraging him :-)

I brought them a platter from Wendell August Forge
This is their dog Riri (pronounced like Lily).  She is really sweet.


Arsenette said...

Awwwww so cute Lili is still there :) I'm still laughing about the suitcase.. aahahahah He keeps forgetting this was not your only destination in Japan!

pam said...

Wendell August...I am impressed. Beautiful stuff. They always bring big money at our auctions.

Happy little dachshund. Love it.

Chaki said...

Love ALL the photos! From their dog to the suitcase... So happy the trip was a huge success. You're such an amazing traveller, that adventurous spirit!