Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cheering up a Rainy Day

 When I arrived, the first place we went was to the store to get supplies for the BBQ they were hosting that night.  Here is Makoto packing up the groceries while Kaiou keeps an eye on me :-)
 After you check out, there is a bakery with fresh bread.  Makoto picked up a tray to get some bread and of course his little shadow had to have a tray then.  You notice who ended up with both trays shortly thereafter :-)
Makoto's expression is priceless.  Caught him looking annoyed, even though he wasn't.  Notice the chocolate donut Kaiou picked out on the tray.  Can't remember what it was that Makoto picked out although maybe you can tell from the picture.

OK, now the rain isn't bothering me as much.  Don't know what I'll do when I run out of photos to post

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Arsenette said...

Fascinated how you pay for bakery items after you did your food shopping.. omg I'd buy the whole bakery.. I'm such a bread nut..