Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Quality Family Time

My hero Makoto Nagano says he is retiring from Sasuke :-( and going to spend more time with his family.  Here are some photos of how he might be spending his time:

They are looking at the program for the theater performance we went to.

 A yummy sandwich Asami made.  I love this picture of Kaiou hugging her.
 Kaiou is watching himself on video.
This was when Kaiou cut his finger and had to have the bandaid trimmed because it was a shade too long - perfect boy :-)


Arsenette said...

He will be missed. Those years are so fantastic for us fans but nothing compares to spending quality time with his growing family. Something he was unable to do the first time around. Arigato Gozaimasu Nagano-San! Sasuke All-Star Zutto!

Chaki said...

What great parents. Kaiou is a lucky kid!