Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Question and Answer Session

Found a way to lighten some of the photos from the first question and answer session so here they are.
He would think carefully about his answers before answering the question.

I got a lot of pictures of him smiling :-)

He was either talking about pull-ups or the salmon ladder here.

He said that his training for Sasuke mainly consists of pull-ups and running (which he is demonstrating here).

Here he was talking about his training. He's demonstrating pull-ups.

You could tell he was having a good time, especially with some of the questions.

He liked to talk with his hands. He was very expressive with them.

Here he was talking about the cliff hanger which he said was the obstacle he found to be the hardest.


Arsenette said...

Crap another one pic that didn't go through but overall THANKS :D I love the fist pump when he was talking about Las Vegas. I hope he had fun :D

Really appreciate you taking so many pictures and even more for sharing them! It's awesome you had so much fun :D

Arsenette said...

Ah the one pic that didn't go through for some reason was the tummy pic.. awwwww he had digestive problems.. (I think.. I didn't hear at all in Strat's video).. did your video go clearer since you were closer to her? I have no idea what she said since everyone was talking in the background.

bserendipitous said...

Thanks so much Pitt, it's so much fun to see all the pictures...I really hope he can come back and visit again so more of us can see him in person.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Thank you so much, Pitts. The pics are all so awesome!

pamwax said...

The pics are terrific Pitt. Thanks for sharing.

Pittsburgher said...

You're welcome. It's fun to share them with y'all :-)
I don't have video from the 1st Q & A, just audio which I will try to go through.
Still trying to figure out how to post the video from the 2nd Q & A. It actually came out pretty well and I was very close to him (8-10 feet) so you can get lots of good closeups :-)
Just keeping you in suspense ;-)

Arsenette said...

Looking forward to you figuring out how to get that video cut up! Once it's cut up I can help ya put it online no problem :)