Sunday, October 12, 2008

Makoto Nagano: The Luncheon

He definitely liked the Frappucino!
He was so relaxed. He was laughing and smiling most of the time.

I think he was talking about doing pull ups here, but I can't remember :-)
Nice smile!
The end :-)


Arsenette said...

Awesome thanks! I couldn't see the first and last picture "big" or should I say in it's original size. Shows up on the screen but I can't click on it to make them bigger.

Note on the drinking picture.. you can see that huge scar under his chin. Heck.. I have him beat.. I creamed mine TWICE LMAO.

Pittsburgher said...

I see what you mean about the scar.

Any suggestions on how to make those two pictures show up bigger?

Arsenette said...

Hmm.. could be something simple like it's linked with an extra braket.. could try deleting them and putting themup again. I'm used to going into the HTML part and fixing it that way but hard to walk through with someone without seeing it first..

Easiest way to delete them from the "compose" section is backspace up to it and keep going until the picture dissapears.