Friday, June 17, 2011

At the zoo with Joey and Corbin

Joey is the 2 1/2 year son of my niece Melissa. Our day began early with me picking Joey up at Grandma Cindy's. Grandma Cindy had him all packed and was putting on sunscreen when I arrived. Given my last attempt at putting sunscreen on Joey, I'm glad she took this on :-)

As we were driving to the zoo, I quickly learned that I was outclassed. While passing a construction area, I was about to say "Joey, look at the digging machine," when he said "Look, an excavator and a backhoe." I learned a lot about trucks during that drive.

We got to the zoo and met up with Corbin, his mom (Jean) and dad (Lee). Cousin Laura met us too. Corbin brought his red wagon to share with Joey.

Jean and Lee double teaming Corbin for his sunscreen application.

Lots of naps at the zoo today!

Joey climbing.

Snack break.  Fortunately Grandma Cindy had packed a good Joey snack.

This ostrich kept being attacked by black birds.  Not sure why!
The baby elephant stuck close to mama.
This guy was jogging back and forth, must be his morning routine.

Joey liked the fish and the giraffes.

They had special viewing glass down low for the little guys.

Evidently someone stopped for a sunscreen application ;-)
Lee got his daily workout.
Joey in the polar bear trap.

Hi llama!

Lunch at the Kids Kingdom.  The only disappointment at the zoo was the menu at the Kids Kingdom.  No kid-friendly choices, especially with respect to portion sizes.  The only healthy option was a huge cup of grapes (like a large size soda).  The two lunch choices were pizza and hot dogs (which received bad reviews from the cousins).  Thank goodness Grandma Cindy packed a good lunch for Joey.

Thanks for the cheese Grandma Cindy!
Joey and Corbin loved this climbing area, but Joey does not like tunnels.  He would not go down the tunnel slide.  He walked down the steps every time.  He didn't like it when we went through the Fort Pitt tunnels and he asked me to go around the tunnel on the way home.

Corbin loved the tunnel slide.  One time he sent his hat down first and then followed it.  Wish I'd had my camera ready!
See the sleeping kangaroos?
The boys loved these little cars.  The Kids Kingdom had lots of great things like this for kids.

Buddies at the zoo.
Time to say goodbye.

Sleeping tigers.  We decided to let them lie.
Couldn't resist a train ride on the way out.

Exactly why are you taking my picture Aunt Caffee?
Couldn't resist the gift shop either :-)
5 minutes from the zoo :-)

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