Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppy day at volleyball

On Monday nights I play sand volleyball during the summer.  Since I am dogsitting this week, I took Brady with me.When we arrived at the park, the first obstacle was to get Brady across the grated bridge.  He didn't like the fact that you could see the water through the bridge floor.

We got to the court and Sadie was already there.

 Then later Toby joined us.  Brady is about a year old.  Toby is a little younger and Sadie is the oldest.  They started by getting acquainted and then went to their separate corners.  Sadie and Toby both made a visit to the creek.  Fortunately I had staked Brady far enough away that he couldn't get in the creek.
 This is John untangling the dogs.

 Brady and Toby
 John getting ready for volleyball using electrical tape instead of athletic tape.  Seemed to work out OK.

The dogs watched the game sometimes and sometimes played with each other.  Sometimes they barked, but mostly they were very good dogs.

About 3/4 of the way through the evening, Brady was barking and straining at the harness.  Right after a particularly good volley, suddenly there was Brady on the court with us.  He had broken the metal hook holding him to the stake.
I was able to step on the green lead and grab him.  We were able to rig the lead to get Brady back on the stake.  As I was working on that and John was helping me, Toby came over to get in on the action.  I was in the process of untangling Brady and Toby when without warning I was standing there holding a leash with a dog collar attached and Toby was off and running.  I yelled to John that his collar was off and we spent the next 10 minutes or so trying to catch Toby.  We tried circling all the volleyball players around him, but he kept getting through.  John called him, but he didn't listen.  We tried tempting him with a towel to tug on.  I got out a dog treat.  We picked up a big stick for him.  It was crazy.

Finally Toby slowed down and John was able to get hold of him.  He got his collar back on and tightened it.  Then we were able to finish our game.  Puppy night at volleyball was quite entertaining!

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